Watercolors on Paper by Bruce Neville

RAM All Watercolor Exibit

watercolor-exhibition-announcementThis exhibition will be the highlight of my career in the art world. I will have all the details coming up the end of December. I would like to give some background and my deep feelings as an artist. Raised near Providence, Rhode Island and a mother that took me to historic places, museums, in places where  our country’s roots began. I witnessed people of everyday life and the wonderful neighborhoods of N.E. I lived and schooled in Boston and then took the leap to study architecture at the University of Cincinnati. Many courses in art education at UC and after design for forty years I made the decision to take on my preference to paint in watercolor on a full time basis. Deep down I always wanted to be a painter. After closing down my firm I then got serious about being a painter.

I began teaching and the classes have grown to four classes each week. The teaching and working the art fairs and being associated with professional organizations has broadened my recognition as a painter. The upcoming show at the RAM starting January 25 through March 21,2015 will consist of twelve artist from Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Shaun Dingwerth, director, has asked me to teach a workshop on Saturday March 21. All the details will follow this month from RAM and I will pass them along when received.